AutoGuard API Documentation

AutoGuard's Web API is used to integrate tracking data with customer's internal platforms as well as 3rd party software to provide a more functional experience for the end user. You will find the API is easy to understand and simple to code.

Use Cases

We will have Use Cases for each Method that, along with the Description, and Samples make your job easy. Our goal here is to simply this process. If you find it complicated, we apologize and ask that you simply create a ticket with your concern and give us a chance to answer your concern.

Code Samples

Here you will find real, working examples that you can query using your credentials or a sample set of credentials. These are great way to test and understand the return data.

Query Limits

In order to ensure fair availability, we will require a user to abide by the following API code rules:

  • One (1) Query per 60sec per Basic API Method .
  • For Advanced/Report API’s, there also is a maximum date span of 31 days per call and 1 call per 60 seconds. For example, you can query Jan 1, 2018 through Jan 31, 2018; wait 60 sec; then query Feb 1, 2018 – Feb 28, 2018.
If you over query, you will receive one of the following return messages:
  • Basic Over Query Msg: You reached your maximum query limit of one (1) query per ten (10) sec. Please wait a minimum of 10 sec between calls to this method.
  • Advanced/Report Over Query Msg: You reached your maximum query limit of one (1) query per 60 seconds AND/OR 31 days of report history.

Help & Support

Visit our support center for questions about our services. For more help, let us know at